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do you have the original version of crystals by jude ?

I looked and I do not BUT it should be available on their Soundcloud page I think…😕

Yolo betches

3 apartments and 3 houses and yet nobody to share any of the spaces with. Story of my life? Gettin there. Ask or Message me if u wanna chat ladies. 😩👎🏡🏢


I think more than anything in my “Life” id like my parents to genuinely be proud of me and my accomplishments. Do I see that happening anytime soon? Eh not really. The feeling of hopelessness and hitting dead ends left and right has left me feeling lost and questioning every decision I make. Maybe I shoulda been more social and outgoing in High School, maybe I shoulda applied myself more in school, maybe I shouldn’t have spent 3yrs pouring my heart n soul out for a girl that just fed me lies and gave me false hope of us being together. The “maybe…“‘s and “what if…“‘s. Those are the demons that get to me. The demons that make everything less desirable and more pointless to me. People are like “Yolo!” and I’m over here like “Yolo but i dunno about this…not sure it works…maybe I should try something else… Fuck it lets start over. I hate it. Trash all of it.”. Questioning myself on the regular. 😩

Three blonde girls

I saw 3 of the most beautiful blonde girls I think I have seen in person in like past 5 years. Totally completely took my breath away. I would have to say they were either Norwegian or English…maybe Swiss? I couldn’t stop looking back at em. Fate would have it I kept running into em on the street even after having walked in complete opposite direction as em. Having said that Im pretty sure they were sisters n they were on vacation with their parents because I saw them join an older man and woman with backpacks. FML. 😔😩😭😬